Selo Olive Oil

Croatian Olive Oil Reviews

Hear from customers about what changed for the better since they switched to Selo—my family's authentic Croatian extra virgin olive oil:

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The only oil I use

I’m a customer for life; I love that it doesn’t sit in stores and know it to be the real deal. Great twitter account from Martin Erlić as well!


lovely, flavorful, snappy!

Beautiful Stuff

My new favourite. One bottle didn’t last a week with my family during the holidays

This stuff is good

Like I said, this stuff is good. Will be back.

Great stuff

Great to cook with, and to dunk bread in

Had an issue where I didn’t receive the full order once, and it was also resolved and got my full order shipped very quickly!

Only Olive Oil brand I buy and will continue buying!!

Frozen bottles

I received my bottles and they all were frozen! How do I get the fat to dissolve and mix in? I haven’t tried it yet but concerned about that

Hi Rhonda,

This is standard fare for real EVOO with high monounsaturated fat content during winter deliveries. Higher temperatures would spoil the olive oil during transportation. Your olive oil will return to normal after leaving it in a pantry at room temperature for just a few days. Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Appreciate it’s not watered down- not as good as homemade olive oil I’ve had in Croatia, but good! Thank you.

This is literally homemade olive from Croatia so you must be delusional. Please do not buy from me again.

Selo Olive Oil: Triple (3 x 500mL)



Probably good?

I don’t know much about olive oil, but I appreciate the owner’s aggressive marketing tactics on social media.

Maybe spend some time helping to educate people about the nuances of olive oil, and what makes your olives distinct?

The oil was good. When it’s gone I’ll buy more.

it was very good

the oil was very good



Best Olive Oil

I have been using the Selo oil for a while now at my son's urging. I couldn't be happier with this olive oil. It is tasty and that translates into better tasting salads, pesto and other dishes. This is a fantastic olive oil and worth the price. Thank you for sharing this with us in California!

High quality olive oil!!!

This oil is really really good. My family comes from the same part of the world that this oil is harvested from. I live in Canada now but I know what happens there and when Martin says “Selo” he means it. Selo means village and that is definitely true of everything that goes on there in Dalmatia. Natural people living naturally. That goes for their products too. These olive groves are truly ancient and I truly believe the oil that goes in these bottles is authentic purity. I trust it to be as pure and as undefiled as is possible. It tastes amazing and I support these people in their endeavour. Long live the Selo!!!


I love this olive oil. It brings me back to my father's country. Excellent taste and quality and fantastic customer service. Thank you!

The best olive oil

Been using Selo Olive Oil for a couple of years and highly recommend it

Great olive oil I love it

The best quality I’ve ever had

Selo Olive Oil is super high quality and taste great. I use it everyday with a variety of different recipes. Highly recommended for those looking for a healthy product for your everyday cooking needs.

Convenient size!

3 months or so per bottle!

Selo Olive Oil

Wonderful taste with a slight peppery taste. I would highly recommend people try. Pricey but you definitely get what you pay for.

My favorite olive oil

It’s simple, this is the highest quality olive oil I have ever had. This is the 4th time I believe I’ve bought it from Martin and his family and everytime I am blown away by the quality. The taste is unlike any other olive oil I have ever had, it honestly ruins other olive oil because you’ll be craving the taste of Selo if you ever choose to use anything else, but trust me after trying this once, you won’t be using anything else.

Delicious Olive Oil

After seeing praises of Selo Olive Oil on Twitter, I took the plunge and purchased a bottle. My god, this stuff is incredible. Rich, smooth, delicious... earthy too!

Changed my life

Buy this shit

Great tasting

Love using the Olive Oil for dressings, cooking, and all types of recipes. Even tastes good by itself, slight peppery taste.

Love this oil!

Best olive oil I have ever tasted. I honestly was sceptical about the price but it is worth every penny!