Selo Olive Oil

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)


Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Volume: 500mL

A very fine Croatian extra virgin olive oil from the Dalmatian coast, with fresh aroma and taste, rich in texture and healthy antioxidants. Produced by the Erlić family, who for three generations have been carefully tending the millennia-old ‘Oblica’ variety olive trees in the family grove.

Our extra virgin olive oil is harvested and first cold-pressed in Croatia at very low temperatures using the gentlest methods. This painstaking care rewards us with a natural & organic olive olive with unusually high polyphenols content, which are responsible for its health benefits.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Absolutely the best

I do not cook with any type of oil except EVOO and this is the best there is. Nothing else comes close. So pure and delicious. I use it in nearly everything, including baked goods.

Omar Ontiveros

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Jeffrey Stebbing

Wow! Excellent, and couldn't believe the peppery back end!

Fantastic Olive Oil

This olive oil is SO flavourful! I love it. It has a very robust taste and is delicious with so many types of food! I will definitely purchase more.

Doug Kantz
Selo party

Sorry Martin, I'm back again for another review but I couldn't help myself

It's seems selo party has become a new euphemism and I will let you fill in the blanks. Perhaps email me if you want the full details.

Selo truly does go on everything but my personal fav is using it as a "topper"
Martin please keep me FILLED with your oil

Just ordered another 5 bottles.

Chauntel Macleod
Best olive oil ever!

Great customer service, my first order went missing so I contacted The company and was immediately sent another one. Fast response, quick shipping and not to mention this olive oil is the best quality I have found. I’ll be a customer for life!

Alicia Pavlawk

First order didn’t taste right, contacted company and they immediately sent out a replacement and it was great!

Robert Maderic
5 star reviews

Best oil in the world comes from the Dalmatian region love Selo oil

Absolutely excellent!!! Best olive oil there is!

Before having Selo Olive Oil, I was bored and dissatisfied with every other olive oil I could find. Many were loaded up with tons of terrible ingredients in leaking plastic bottles made by careless mega-corporations. Not only is the taste of Selo Olive Oil unequivocally superior to every other Olive Oil in stores around the world, but it is loved and taken care of well. The bottle is elegant and refined, with no plastics which get greasy and gross. The ingredient list is minimal, refined to the necessities. My family and my grandparents now love using Selo Olive Oil as their oil of choice, and even more love to support Martin and his family.

Doug Kantz
Flavourfully gay

During pride month I hosted several
Gay luncheons
I left several bottles of selo out and used it as toppers ;) on a few dishes
All the boys loved it
Selo was recommended to me from someone in the community and I love how open Martin is about everything on twitter
Will definitely order more