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First Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

Selo Olive Oil: 3-Pack

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Selo Olive Oil: 3-Pack

Our extra virgin olive oil is harvested and first cold-pressed in Croatia at very low temperatures using the gentlest methods. This painstaking care rewards us with a superb natural olive olive with unusually high polyphenols content, which are responsible for its health benefits.

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Why olive oil?

Olives have been cultivated on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia for more than 3,500 years. While industrial seed oils such as soybean and canola oil are out there getting all the glory, the mighty olive oil has quietly been the humble household staple along the Mediterranean for over six thousand years. Why? For one thing, olive oil tastes awesome. Olives are super healthy, and they’re also environmentally sustainable. They grow virtually all over the Mediterranean in abundance—easily, and require little water.

Why Selo?

Time-honored values, historic craftsmanship, and some of the oldest wisdom in the world of extra virgin olive oil have been passed down through the generations to our family. We would like to share that tradition with you. Hand picked, first cold pressed olives from the Dalmatian coast. Loaded with all the best: healthy fats and vitamins, lovable olive oil taste, and a hint of pepper, from our village to your home. Vegan, gluten-free and keto friendly.


Fats used to get a bad rap, but now we know that they’re anything but bad. In fact, the healthy fats in Selo are good for the brain, heart, skin and metabolism.  


Just 100g of olive oil contains 14mg of vitamin E and 62mcg of vitamin K which means about 7 tbsp. of olive oil provides 93 percent of the daily recommended allowance, or RDA, of vitamin E and 59 percent of the RDA for vitamin K.

Omega 3s

Olive oil—with its naturally occurring Omega 3 fatty acids—boost Selo's power and performance factor, while adding some delicious texture.

Nutritional Information

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