Selo Olive Oil

The Bottle & Label

We're extremely proud of our first label and bottle.

First off, we know everybody thinks, "Why a clear bottle; won't my oil spoil?"

The answer? No, and this page explains why.


Now, on to the very special label...

The red and white is a respect to the Croatian coat of arms, which normally looks like the logo below. On the crest, the five crowning shields represent the four regions of Croatia, as well as a reference to the Illyrian movement (far left), a mid-19th century cultural and political campaign whose aim it was to formally reunite the Croatian people.

They are, from left to right:

Bleu celeste (Illyrian Movement), Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia

Our olive oil comes from Dalmatia, and the red/white crest and the olive tree branch outline symbolizes the town (Biograd na Moru) our fine oil comes from.

Finally, the Croatian interlace (the gold circle) description comes to you courtesy of Wikipedia:

The Croatian interlace or Croatian wattle, known as the pleter or troplet in Croatian, is a type of interlace, most characteristic for its three-ribbon pattern. It is one of the most often used patterns of pre-romanesque Croatian art. It is found on and within churches as well as monasteries built in early medieval Kingdom of Croatia between the 9th and beginning of the 12th century. The ornamental strings were sometimes grouped together with animal and herbal figures.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia as well)