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What's the story behind Selo's bottle and label?

Where does Selo olive oil come from?

How long is the shelf life of Selo olive oil?

Is my olive oil safe to eat if it freezes?

Why are there brown bits floating in my olive oil and are they safe to eat?

Is Selo olive oil kosher?

Olive Oil Facts

What does EVOO mean?

In what ways does extra virgin olive oil differ from standard olive oil?

What makes Croatian extra virgin olive oil special compared to other olive oils?

What are the health benefits of Croatian extra virgin olive oil?

How can you tell if Croatian extra virgin olive oil is authentic?

To what extent does fraud exist in the olive oil industry?

What are some ways to identify counterfeit extra virgin olive oil?

How can Croatian extra virgin olive oil be used in cooking?

What is the reason behind certain olive oils being labeled as "early harvest"?

Can you explain what polyphenols are and their significance in olive oil?

How long can you safely use olive oil after breaking the seal?

What is the best method for storing olive oil to preserve its quality and flavor?


Where do you ship to? Do you offer free shipping outside of the US?

Where do you ship from?

I live in Europe. Why can't you ship Selo olive oil to me directly from Croatia?


How can I modify or cancel my subscription?