Selo Olive Oil

Selo Olive Oil: Family (6 x 500mL)

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Selo Olive Oil: Family (6 x 500mL)

Volume: 500mL

A very fine extra virgin olive oil from the Dalmatian coast, with fresh aroma and taste, rich in texture and healthy antioxidants. Produced by the Erlić family, who for three generations have been carefully tending the millennia-old ‘Oblica’ variety olive trees in the family grove.

Our extra virgin olive oil is harvested and first cold-pressed in Croatia at very low temperatures using the gentlest methods.


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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Akin

Very good oil. Will make great housewarming gifts, as well.

Pure, simple gold.

With the first taste you realize you're now Croatian, in part at least!

Connor Huff
Love it

The best olive oil I have been able to get in the USA. Will absolutely order again.

Incomplete order which I paid in full

Only received 5 of the 6 bottles I ordered. Love the olive oil I received.

Prevents disease/abnormalities/mutations/swelling

Selo Olive Oil prevents disease. It has become part of my daily supplement routines
(1 tbsp a day)

Dentist mentioned my excellent oral health. I joked and said I consume premium EVOO. He told me that quality OLIVE oils prevent abnormalities/mutations/swelling in gums. He stated that he had read a study via his dentist association.
(I've been consuming Selo for a year now)

I also believe that it prevents mutations/abnormalities in the face. There is no way you can become a bugman. Your body thanks you everytime you feed it premium.

Iliya Pavlović
Authentic and best tasting Croatian Olive Oil.

Authentic and rich olive oil from the Balkan Peninsula. Truly, the best olive oil my family and I have ever tasted. Pairs well with fresh bread, cold cuts, and good company!

Bull and son’s delicatessen

Excellent product

Hassan Najjar
Best olive oil i ever had

Finished my first batch of 6 bottles within 6 months and just received my second batch.
Authenticity of this oil cannot be overstated. It’s good for your soul.

tim garrett
its great

buy it

Ian Violette
Liquid Gold

The best of the best. If you care about yourself and your family, you buy quality olive oil. Selo is as quality as it gets. I will not use another brand as long as I have access to Selo. Thank you Martin!