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Why your ribeye steak is on steroids | Selo Olive Oil Blog

Why your ribeye steak is on steroids | Selo Olive Oil Blog

A fellow globetrotter responds to the recent "tequila and whiskey" email with some excellent comments:


"I have also noticed that the quality of meat changes significantly once one leaves the USA. Your experience was similar to one that I had recently in Russia, where I bought some chicken from a grocery store nearby and left it in the fridge for a couple of days. It started going bad very quickly. At first I thought that this was due to the low quality of the meat - but in fact, the quality was excellent, even from the cheaper stores. Turns out, the meat was not the problem - it just did not come loaded with antibiotics and preservatives.

Once one gets out of the USA and goes to countries without that highly advanced and industrialised form of cattle-breeding and slaughtering, one often realises just how much junk the average American puts into his or her body. Unless you are willing to pay a premium for locally raised, grass-fed, organic chicken, pork, and beef, you have to consume meat that is loaded with antibiotics. Cattle in particular can only really survive and thrive on grass; you can make them bigger and fatter using corn and soy and growth hormones, but you have to stuff them full of antibiotics in order to stop them from getting sick from foods that they just are not designed to digest.

The wider point about using high-quality materials to craft a better grade of olive oil is well made. One can start by aiming for the bottom of the market in terms of price, and that is a good way to succeed if the quality of the product keeps improving. But there is something to be said as well for aiming for the top and establishing oneself as a distinct, bespoke brand that provides high quality at a matching price."


Honestly, we don't really even have anything to add to this.

Other than that you should do your own research, do your own homework, and buy quality products that don't make you feel awful.

That's all for today.

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